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      Rombo Picks

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      Judith and Carlos, founders of Rombo, believe a guitar pick is the bridge between you and your instrument. Players often spend a lot of time choosing their guitars, pedals, amps, strings and cables, but never much on choosing the picks. In fact, the pick is just as important as everything else in the signal chain. Think Brian May (Queen), he uses sixpence all his life for that reason!

      After an extensive research on surface finish and design, as well as the material used. ROMBO was born in January 2019 thanks to the amazing guitar players community, which supported ROMBO during their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and made these guitar picks real.

      ROMBO is located in Stuttgart, Germany, where all products are designed and engineered.

      Rombo Pick Holder (2pk) Rombo Pick Holder (2pk)
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