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      Cicognani Engineering

      Cicognani Engineering Logo

      Cicognani engineering is an Italian tube amps, pedals and accessories manufacturer owned by Guglielmo Cicognani and Andrea Cicognani. It has founded Cicognani, Brutus and Gurus brands, that today are known in many countries in the world. Our products have been chosen and promoted by important artists and recording studios. With Cicognani products, a look at historical sounds of the past to make best and more practical those of the future. Respect, passion and hard work it’s our way.

      In 25 years cicognani had the pleasure of working with many artists, such as: Donato Begotti, Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Robben Ford, Alex Stornello, Beppe Sequestro (Checco Zalone), Egidio Maggio (Checco Zalone, Nava), Fabrizio Bicio Leo, Gianluca D’Alessio, Giorgio Terenziani, Joe Stump, Julie Slick, Kee Marcello (Europe), Lutte Berg, Michael Lennon, Miky Bianco, Roberta Raschellà, Ruggero Robin, Thomas Berge, Tony De Gruttola, Tullio Ferro, Will Nuruwe.