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      Bad Penny FX

      Bad Penny FX

      Bad Penny FX was founded by musician and long-time pedal user, Mark Barnes, in 2017. After upgrading guitar circuitry and building effects for personal music projects, Mark produced a range of guitar pedals that were retrofitted into vintage British cameras and electronics products.

      In 2018, Mark started working alongside fellow builder and woodworker, Felix Hopkins. Not long, together they released their debut pedal, The Fuzz Controller. The pedal was a success and received praise from everywhere, which gave them the confidence to solidify their aesthetic. They worked hard through 2019 and by 2020, built to high standards and using only high quality components, they released the first original range of highly recognisable handmade pedals, which are available here at Mocha Earth Music.

      Bad Penny FX pedals are handmade in East Sussex, UK.

      Bad Penny FX FUZZ CONTROLLER On Sale
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      Bad Penny FX WIDOW Overdrive Fuzz On Sale
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